Red Gravy

by Witches Brew

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Released on cassette, featuring the 'Reefer' EP
Limited to 29 copies, hand numbered.
Available at shows.

Witches Brew is:

Jan Bert: drums/vocals.
Selwyn: guitar/additional vocals.


DJ Roy: additional vocals on 'Second Date', recorded 16/11.
Parsifal: keyboard on 'Second Date', recorded 7/12.

Drums/guitar recorded 31/10.
Vocals recorded 7/11.

All songs written and recorded by Witches Brew.
Lyrics compiled by Jan Bert.


released December 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Witches Brew Nijmegen, Netherlands

Loud duo from Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Recording under the name of President Evil since 2010, playing shows since 2014.

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Track Name: Used Bath Water
keeping my man. can’t be downhearted. used bath water. she’s got another man. mistreated this way. i’m scared.
Track Name: My Comic Book Fantasy
shut the door. black leather lady. the tables had turned on him. cooked up some stuff in a pot. the 14th. cold chills over me. you is a queen.
Track Name: Mooncup
a fountain filled with blood. lose all my guilty stains. precious stains. absence. redeeming love. every moon. flowing wounds. circles. sinners plunged beneath that flood. eyes are full of hesitation. every. tried you one time. begged for more. summer. candlelit hair.
Track Name: Second Date
make her crawl all over the floor. burn a candle on her picture. gonna fix that woman. make her sing. can’t stand right here. my lover comes to me with a rose on her bossom.
Track Name: Weedy Sweat
no more bad luck soul. crawling across the floor. quit trying. long-haired of mine. i can’t get rid of her. make no midnight creep. at night she goes to sleep. another woman’s name.
Track Name: Pheromone Coffee
mouth full of lip. worried mind. taking trips down south. can’t drink coffee. no tea.
Track Name: Full Moon Masturbation
rooster blood. go to bed. deep dark red sheets. trouble. black dust took him. began.
Track Name: Red Gravy
to the bottom. dragged down. turning water. unlock my door. better wash the mud. don’t let him stay all night. better watch her. i’m worried. down with care. i’ve knocked on wood ‘till my hands are sore.