First Clone

by Witches Brew

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Recorded between 21/2/2014 & 7/3/2014.
Mixed & mastered by Selwyn.

Selwyn: Guitars/Bass.
Jan Bert: Drums/Vocals/Bass.

Guest vocals on 'Lower Levels' by Hessel.
Guest vocals on 'Concord Dawn' by Harry, courtesy of Prisoner 639.

All songs written by Witches Brew.

Artwork by Jan Bert.


released April 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Witches Brew Nijmegen, Netherlands

Loud duo from Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Recording under the name of President Evil since 2010, playing shows since 2014.

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Track Name: Intro - 22 BBY
take a look at your body now. the wind blows the hair from your face. saw too many thrills that killed your desire. behind doors.
Track Name: First Clone
stones pounding in. white bone. rumor to breast. won't feed on the bodies. her tiny mouth. squealing. driving into my hand. from the wound, in the eye. brain running, down along. sticks in gutters. foreshortened angels. hunting me down. switches silence. combs of honey, in it's eyes. waddles into the afternoon.
Track Name: Lower Levels
buzzing out on the steps. buried heads in full view. plunge like rays. come the blankets. absence. pale monkey nails. dipped in blood in the moonlight. eyeside. to ascend to a lift in the upper floor. coming nearer in the surrounding darkness.
Track Name: Paint Job
'neath the bougie. a rimble rigger. slyly rolls the pea. hear the germs, pinging on the night wind. red is patchy. snows the silver. pulling out won't be slow. another night i gotta pull. with an arm 'cross the torso.
Track Name: Legal Murder
that's a funeral in the mirror. the blisters they tell me different. bad dreams. tabs from hell. wake up with nerves sprayed on the wall. a saint across the hall. but she's not at home now. stone cold sweat. corneas misted. color high. motionless. hand that is cold, in another colder and everything within reach. blood and ice. blood upon my body and ice upon my soul
Track Name: Concord Dawn
no one holds a match to your skin. a building left, in the night. cloud eye. it's head against the window. some sawdust where a ring has been. sometimes i feel funny and bottled up inside. in pockets, unstitching. so weighted with pins. into eyes imploding on mazes of skins. don't they know we have a savior.
Track Name: Acid Trauma
i saw a bird today. had to break up in the sun. absence of words. my first sweat. sweet clean water, cooling in the breeze. the sickly thirst. hungers browse. field of sound. embers of satin. the sea mixed with the sun. the hour of death delivered of every strain. taken my life in fee.